(We Don’t Need No) Fascist Groove Thang ……

Just three posts in and it is Godwin’s law time, except ….. well, except the more I look at the modern Conservative Party, the more valid it becomes to ask if it is becoming a fascist party.

There are many definitions of fascism but the most common ones have three things in common, an opposition to liberalism, Marxism and traditional conservatism;  and the defining ethos of the various fascist parties and regimes of the first part of the 20th Century was a tendency toward reactionary authoritarian nationalism, an ethos the current Tories seem to possess in spades.

We are way past the point of suggesting the Conservative party is on the road to fascism – the Goebbels-like control of the media message, the CCHQ Sturgeon/Salmond-masked Sturmabteilung thugs attacking opposing politicians, the demonisation of easily identifiable & stereotyped scapegoat groups – there ain’t anything proto- about this mob, they are the real deal.

So how far will they take things?  We had the candidate who suggested that “the disabled” (that stereotyping at work again) wear coloured armbands to identify themselves, we have had more than one councillor ‘joking’ that disabled babies should be killed at birth, we have the Bedroom Tax forcing people out of the ‘nice’ unaffordable areas and moving them into locations where they can be easily managed, ghettoisation by any measure; most of all we have had the activities of Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP, whose sanctioning policies and targets have led directly to a number of deaths, how many we may never know.

Five years ago all of that was unthinkable.  Even now many refuse to accept the realities of what is happening around us; the British people aren’t by nature cruel and unfair, but we do possess a massive complacency and a reluctance to believe that our Government is capable of such things.  Well we’d better wake up, because they are capable of that and of so much more.Tory


5 thoughts on “(We Don’t Need No) Fascist Groove Thang ……”

  1. Yes, these people are fascists – all the elements are there. In spades.

    Scapegoating – sick and/or disabled people got it first; then the unemployed and lone parents; then it was the working poor; whoever is next up in the food chain is due for the same name-calling and worse.
    Isolating – cutting income, inventing new charges and fines, abolishing various types of support; people left unable to integrate with society in any normal way, and some being moved out of their homes.
    Separating – using the media to point at undesirable people, and reinforcing prejudice by convincing the rest that they are not like the undesirables; praising and rewarding people who “do the right thing”.

    This is nowhere more evident than in commentary on articles in the mainstream media – even left-leaning (allegedly) publications are now awash with people who accept what they have been told.
    I do not doubt that for some of them these ideas are sincerely held – but the scapegoating and prejudice has reached a point now that some people comment in ways that were not acceptable a few years ago.

    I think what could help is a concerted effort by like-minded people to complain – again and again – to the editors, programme-makers, chiefs, ministers, and MPs.
    We know that petitions only work if hundreds of thousands sign them; even then, they are not always brought before our elected representatives.
    I have written to the BBC 6 times since the GE. I’m going to keep doing it too. I have also written several times to my new (Tory) MP and will carry on.
    I don’t care if they don’t always reply – I want to be constant thorn in their flesh, I want to irritate them, I want them to have to be arsed to respond eventually.

    I am of the belief that that the Tories – against even their own expectations – won their majority because the media manipulated the message. We were told that Labour caused the crash, we were told that Labour would be in the pocket of the SNP, we were told that the economy is improving, we were told the NHS is safe, we were told a hundred and one things all day every day and NONE of it was true.
    Ed Miliband was the first Labour leader I personally could support – with him gone, and all the candidates for his job rubbishing the many good things he achieved and the better things he had planned, the hope has gone with him. Not one of the people standing now come close – and I am not impressed with their unseemly rush to try to fill his shoes. Which they will all fail to do.

    I truly believe that the only way forward is a broad coalition of the left – all parties would have to jettison some of their wackier ideas, all parties would have to be a bit less precious and sensitive, and all parties would have to commit to a consensus on a few basic policies (eg. NHS, education, housing, social security, justice) and try to bring their brightest and best to the table.

    What I’d really like is a Syriza, a Podemos, for the UK. But this will not and cannot happen unless those of us who can see the fascist writing on the wall get together and knock it down.


    1. There is one exception to the current Labour Leadership candidates rubbishing the Labour past – Jeremy Corbyn. I stopped supporting the Labour party when Ed Milliband refused to support the Teacher’s strike against Michael Gove when he was refusing to meet with the unions over pension changes (and all the other delaying tactics he used, like insisting unions less affected by the changes, such as NUHT, were also represented, even though they expressed no interest in the talks), and joined the Green party. However, if Corbyn succeeds in becoming the new Labour leader, I’d consider returning to them.


  2. All salient points .I believe the breach was made with the deeming of existing necessary rooms for care/medical purposes as spare and subject to a penalty as default at the same time as extending the disabled reduction for annexes ,regardless of actual use.Worryingly IDS’s belatedly acceptance of exemptions for certain categories of families with disabled children,a hard won “victory” was justified by the children not being responsible for the actions of the parents,went uncommented on.Only one conclusion may be drawn from such a comment.On a personal note,I understand how it saps your energy to be constantly categorised as sinful,less by definition of benefit recipience,all.the more galling when to satisfy their ideals it would necessitate abandonment of all my morality.I think when evil and ignorance is lauded and decency is demonised there isn’t much hope.We are there.


  3. Is it bordering on fascistic to opine “absurd” that atrociously delayed allowances necessary for basic care and mobility needs infringes basic rights?It is definately unacceptable in a civilised Society.Delays cause harm far beyond the financial,sometimes irreperable damage,so to claim that no one lost financially is both indicative of basic utter ignorance of illness/disability and what has to be accounted for and a casual cynical disregard of basic humanity.It certainly has been some time since a Minister for the Disabled hasn’t actively worked against those they supposedly represent.


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