Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

So, the Towel Folder in Chief is selling off RBS and another tranche of our Royal Mail share at, I suspect, a cut price to his mates in the City (including, no doubt, his best man once again); this is in marked contrast to his consideration of cuts to tax credits in the region of £5bn, which will leave over 3 1/2 million low income families worse off by more than £100 per month.  Be under no illusions, this is just the beginning as Cameron’s government continues in its mission to destroy society and reduce the bulk of the population to a position of subservience.

Even Victorian capitalists knew that you needed a workforce that was healthy and relatively secure in terms of accommodation and finances in order for them to be productive; but the actions of the last Government, which are being accelerated by this one, have seen productivity fall so that it is below the levels of even 2008 (and 15-20% below what it would have been at the rates shown under Labour).  This country is being led to destruction and, what is worse, it really isn’t being done with malice aforethought.

“Frankly he should just show a bit more class,” Harriet Harman said at yesterday’s PMQs, adding: “Perhaps we can have an answer rather than a gloating session for the next answer… go right ahead and gloat”.  But gloating is one of the few things Cameron is good at; his leadership has been notable throughout for weakness, indecision, vacillation and spitefulness when cornered.  This is why we are stumbling toward Brexit, because through his weakness and bluster he has isolated us in Europe; this is why the likes of the Towel Folder and Odious remain in post, despite the poor job they are doing, because he doesn’t have the guts to deal with them.  A month ago I worried for the future of this island and its people; now I despair, as it seems our Glorious Ronsealed Fishpointer General has abandoned all pretence of being in control and is now content to be revealed as the sockpuppet we always knew he was.  And that doesn’t bode well for the rest of us who are only stock as far as the people really in control are concerned, a commodity to be used and then disposed of when that usefulness is done.  My only consolation is that those who blindly supported the Tories in the lead up to the election will soon realize that they too are simply a commodity; their blood will be spilt and spent every bit as cheaply as the rest of us.


One thought on “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

  1. Without going into specifics,suffice to say, in too short a time I will be able to pursue full time whatever path I wish.I certainly do not want to have this time and a period of reflection will be necessary.From heartbreak may come ,unwanted opportunity.My endeavours will be physically alone but ever in tandem knowing ,an unbreakable spirit,if not a body finally succombing but free fom pain,will guide and chide me when necessary .The same relationship but in a different form.We will fight on.


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