Piss ups, Breweries and the Conservative Party.

So, Michael Gove says more should be done to provide free legal representation for the poorest in society (conveniently forgetting Chris Grayling’s destruction of the legal aid system); not sure Odious will be too keen, it might encourage people to start challenging his social security cuts in court.


2 thoughts on “Piss ups, Breweries and the Conservative Party.”

  1. Don’t be fooled – Gove does not want the underclass (anyone who’s not an employer, rich or an MP in his eyes) to have better legal representation. This is just how he goes about attacking those he’s supposed to be working with. He did exactly the same thing with teachers, started out by saying “excellent schools and teachers should be available to all those who use the State education system” (lofty words indeed, who could disagree?) but ended up scrapping EMA, huge cuts to Adult and Further education budgets (which makes you ask, if the unskilled unemployed are supposed to “skill up” to make themselves employable, who’s going to pay for it?) and then forcing schools deemed “less than Good” to become Academies, taking them out of the responsibility of the Local Education Authority! Expect the same with Courts and Justice (I saw recently he intends to close almost 1/3 of all Magistrate and Law courts…)


  2. Oh, wasn’t fooled for a moment. I wouldn’t trust Gove any further than I could throw him, and I would use a trebuchet for that!!


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