The Dangers of Dog Whistle Politics

More cuts being considered to sickness benefits, to follow on from the scrapping of the ILF; removal of income as a measure in the definition of child poverty to help cover up the damage the proposed changes to tax credits will cause; a Health Minister seriously suggesting taking in elderly strangers as a way of preventing people dying alone …….

No, not the return of “Yes, Minister”, this time it is a real Whitehall farce, starring Dave “No Credibility” Cameron as the man desperate to bomb somebody, anybody in the hopes we’ll ignore the mess he is making at home.  It takes talent to create a situation where even emigrating to Greece would be preferable to staying here.


5 thoughts on “The Dangers of Dog Whistle Politics”

  1. Dog whistles indeed.

    Hunting with dogs more like – the quarry being the poor of any stripe, be it a sick person, a disabled person, a council tenant on benefits, a child who has poor parents, anyone who is not rich and smug will do.

    Today we hear that the Tories may be considering getting rid of WRAG. No surprise to me, I’ve been expecting it for some time. They might also be tinkering with Support Group too. Fantastic. Now housing benefit – the view is that people must personally contribute more to their rent – FFS they already do thanks to the coalition. Have they no idea what they were doing for the past 5 years? Just when you thought they’d done enough damage there, and were after the working poor this time, they manage to prove us wrong. They’re after all of them.
    All of US. Working or not, sick or not, child or not. Us. Just not them.

    As Cameron’s wish for his heroic Thatcheresque Falklands moment was thwarted by Ed Miliband (the best news politics has had in decades and now being snuffed out by Blairites as if he hadn’t existed) he is now back with a brand new excuse to play soldiers with his bestie mate Barack. Despite the fact that out RAF is already making 5% of all all air strikes on ISIS or whatever they’re called this week, mainly because our forces are so depleted by cuts, now that something crazy and sad and awful happened on a holiday beach in Tunisia it’s time for war!

    Earlier discussions on these boards referred to the fascistic tendencies of these fuckwits and ideologues in government – no more tendencies, surely? These people are dyed-in-the-wool, outright, sick, nasty, and incomptent fascists and I will not apologise for saying so. I despise them all.


  2. It is the casual nature of such fascist(an appropriate description,I agree)utterings,outlining of policies,as if reasonable that puts the fear of God(of own choosing) into me.Quite reasonable to deem necessary rooms as spare,got me to be honest.Now it is reasonable to print “As funded by the UK taxpayer-AFUK on prescriptions well FUCKU would be a reasonable response.In the recent Westminster debate ,the Tories were most offended by the suggesion that they use inappropriate language and including the phrase “endless benefits” without a scintilla of self awareness of their own misanthropy.Such things are now accepted.,when they shouldn’t be.I don’t know how long my better half will last,it certainly will be before this latest bollox is introduced.How sad it is that we are glad she became sick/disabled when she did-she has said so many times.When she goes I will continue to rail against the relentless direction we are going,we can but try.


  3. I agree with you, AJH – and that point you made about how casually these really big and serious things are tossed out…. almost as though they were little asides to a larger conversation. Perhaps for people like them these things are just petty little issues, for for us and others like us they can be life or death.

    I knew your better/other/half was seriously ill. I didn’t realise how much more difficult things are now – I am so sorry to hear time is falling through the hourglass so quickly.


  4. Eph

    Thanks.In truth I have thought I had lost her on more than a few occasions over the years.Much solace in that we know,can prepare,have great support and at home(I realise this may change but the hospice is brill ,we had a week and I stay there with her).A cliche maybe,but after fourty years of illness/disability,she is ready and deciding for herself the manner of her departing.regards.


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