Labour ….. the voting continues

Twitter is still full of people bemoaning the fact that some are being excluded from the vote.  I have lost count of the number of times I have read variations on the Stalinist purge/McCarthyism from people who, if you read their Tweeting history (and blogs/columns in some cases) spent the past five years rubbishing the Labour Party in general and Ed Miliband in particular, whilst making it clear they intended to vote for somebody else.

The point is these people didn’t just cost Labour votes and seats, their activities positively contributed to the very dangerous Parliamentary majority David Cameron now has.  So I have little sympathy for people whining that they have been excluded from this process, given the contempt they have shown (and continue to show) for grass roots Labour activists who were forced to spend so much time during GE2015 combatting the distortions being peddled by their ilk.  The word one person used this morning was “entitled”; why somebody who has been sticking two fingers up at the Labour Party for so long feels that they are more entitled than anybody else to dictate its future is beyond arrogance.

Stephen Daisley, STV’s political correspondent, hit the nail very firmly on the head this morning, with the perfect illustration of these “legitimate Labour voters” who complain that they are being excluded!!


One thought on “Labour ….. the voting continues”

  1. Is that you, TGS?

    If so, you make some very good points.

    On the basis that it’s the squeaky gates that get the most oil, there certainly has been a lot of silliness from certain quarters.

    That said, I have had the impression from some mainstream news outlets and others that there is an increasing number of (genuine?) party members who are being told they cannot vote for no obvious reason.
    I’m not talking here about people who have been members of other parties until recently, but bona fide Labour members who have received emails telling them they can’t vote.

    I would love to think that all these new members who have joined since the election are really serious about what happens to the country under the Tories – but I know that if they were, they would have voted for Ed.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – he is the best PM we never had. Or haven’t had yet.

    Come back Ed. Please……


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